Prepared for Change

This second aspect of Aude! is based on the conviction that every person has unique and valuable talents and that their education 
should help them discover and develop these talents throughout their lives. 

Dream Schools

Educating people to be prepared for change is done by helping students learn independently. Two skills which are necessary for the future are thinking and cooperation. Teaching people to learn how to think produces individuals with criteria, capable of developing talent, of facing new challenges, of taking on new risks and of dealing with failure by being creative.

School should be a place where students can develop their independence and be in charge of their own learning, where they learn how to think, be creative, work efficiently and cooperate with others.

Teacher Training

The development and continuous training of our teachers is essential for keeping our educational project up-to-date. For this reason, throughout 2017 we have continued focussing on the training and professional growth of our teachers. We have organized meetings and working groups, conferences, seminars, etc., which have been attended by teachers from Institució.


Teaching Methodologies

Our work in the classrooms applies the perspective of multiple intelligences to the different content and learning objectives and uses team work to help all the students with their learning. Other active methodologies used in our classrooms include Visible Thinking, Evaluate to learn and Entrepreneurship.


Addressing Diversity

Institució schools are family schools. This statement is backed up in very different ways, ranging from the involvement and participation of the families in our educational project, the importance we give to their training and the numerous mechanisms and channels in place to encourage a relationship between the family and the school.

These considerations are not merely instrumental but rather form part of our focus on the very concept of the family. Each child is unique and at school we also make every effort to personalize each child's education and adapt to each child's individual rate of learning. 

Prepared for Change