El programa oficial de convalidació internacional de títols de batxillerat creat i desenvolupat per Academica.

The Dual Diploma was created and developed by Academica and is the official program for the international recognition of school-leaving qualifications that allows students to obtain two qualifications at the same time: the qualification of their own country and the American High School Diploma.

On completing their studies, students of the Dual Diploma program receive the same qualification as American students when they finish high school, recognized in all US states and all the universities in the world. Students must take a total of six subjects in several years and receive personal support from a teacher in the USA and also at the school.  

In Institució Tarragona, 46 students have just finished their first semester and we would like to take this moment to recognize their hard work and the brilliant results they have achieved. We are sure they will keep up this amazing work.